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 JOSEPH: Male, (High Tenor, Vocal Range Low A to High G). Eleventh son of Jacob and Jacob’s favorite. Looking for a strong actor with a confident but charming personality. Must move and sing very well.

NARRATOR: Female, (Soprano with extended mix/belt range, Low F# to High G). The Narrator is our host, and through word and song guides the audience gently through the story of Joseph and his brothers. The narrator must be adept at both being the focal point and then “blending” into the scene. We are looking for an excellent singer that can completely invest in the storytelling aspect.

PHARAOH: Male, (Baritone, Low B to High G#). Pharaoh is the most powerful man in Egypt, and considered a god on earth. He is in a strange psychological place and is desperately searching for the truth in his dreams. The character is in style an homage to Elvis.

POTIPHAR: Male, plays about 50-70 yrs. old (Baritone, Vocal Range D to 😎. Potiphar is a rich, self- indulgent and sophisticated Egyptian capitalist who buys Joseph as a slave. He needs to be a strong actor as well as a good singer.

MRS. POTIPHAR: Female, Strong Dancer. Mrs. Potiphar is an indulgent woman who likes to get her own way, and thinks first and foremost about her own personal gratification. She is razor sharp, beautiful and confident. She will also be a part of the female ensemble.

JACOB: Male, plays about 50-75 yrs. old (Baritone, Low A to C). Jacob is the father of Joseph and his 11 brothers. He clearly favors Joseph as the first son of his favorite wife, unwittingly causing the friction that exists between Joseph and his brothers. Jacob needs to be a good actor, who can sing and move reasonably well.

JOSEPH’S BROTHERS: Males, Joseph’s 11 brothers (Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, and Benjamin), are jealous of Joseph being their father’s favorite son, sell him into slavery, and ultimately realize their wrongdoing. We would like to find actors who are skilled dancer and singers.

REUBEN: the oldest, the one who is quickest to lie to Jacob.

SIMEON: the brother who is first able to openly admit that they created their own misery by selling off Joseph.

JUDAH: the first brother who lays down his life for his youngest brother Benjamin.

BENJAMIN: the youngest, most innocent.

BUTLER & BAKER: Males, (Tenor). The Butler and the Baker both work for the Pharaoh. They are both decent men in precarious situations. They need to be good singers and honest actors. Double as brothers.

FEMALE ENSEMBLE: Will play multiple roles throughout the show including wives to Jacob and his sons and citizens of Egypt. They sing and dance throughout the entire show. Looking for energetic singers who move well. Featured roles and solos will come from the ensemble.

Male and Female – (Ages 8+) - sing and dance along with main characters throughout the show.