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Mama Mia, The Musical, May 10, 11, 12th

Special Senior Show on May 10th, 2 pm $3 for age 62+

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for Mamma Mia! There was so much talent it was really exciting to see. I believe this is going to be a great production, and so much fun! Without further ado, the cast of PHCT Mamma Mia! 

Donna Sheridan: Cheryl McCoy

Sophie Sheridan: Delaney Natke

Sam Charmichael: Andrew St.Coeur

Bill Austin: Patrick Phelan

Harry Bright: David Gossman

Tanya: Sarah Dent

Rosie: Amy Fabick

Sky: Garrett Rossow

Ali: Hannah Winston

Lisa: Roni Vanderwill

Pepper: Chase Bowman

Eddie: Billy McGill

Father Alexandrios: George Andaluz


Judy Alexander, Gracelynne Barrett, Jody Becker, Addison Berg, Madison Bondarek, Pamela Brown, Meggan Coates, Michael Decker, Emily Dehring, Kassy Dickinson, Claire Dombrowski, Lucy Fabick, Mia Frontiero, Mary Ann Herrimenn, Kaleb Hodgins, Kim Jolly, Katie Katrinic, Mackenzie Kruger, Allie Kudja, Katelyn Leonard, John Lukens, Quinten, Alyssa Martin, Leah McCoy, Sydney McNeill, Audrey Mitchell, Kimberly Moore, Caylee Morgan, Mary Morgan, Cady Morgan, Trudy Mott, Grace Navarro, Vincent Oldford, Nattalie Padilla, Katie Phelan, Noah Phelan, Anastasia Phelps, Medelyn Pier, Renee Postill, Raychel Putney, Levi Putney, Laney Roberts, Christen Shell, Camryn Sparschu, Gabriel Stephens, Sylvia Stephens, Kristin Marie, Adam Stromberg, Halie Sullivan, Emmalee Symington, Leah Tyrell, Angela Ward, Brooke Wolschlager

Erin Moran, Director