Our 2018-2019 Season!

Disney's The Lion King, Jr


Directed by Jordan Frontiero

Feb 28th, March 1-3, 2019 

School group matinees will be available.


Mama Mia


 May 10-12, 2019 

Legally Blonde, The Musical


August 9-11, 2019 


Meet the Cast for Disney's Lion King, Jr.

Dear People, kiddos, and species beyond,

First of all I would like to thank you all for such a successful and smooth audition process. The amount of enthusiasm, respect, and professionalism shown throughout was the absolute tops. Much obliged for taking time out of your busy lives to come be a art. Additionally thank you for your patience. There is an unprecedented amount of talent in this group, which caused for an inordinate amount of discussion and reconfiguration. However!! Without further ado, textually presented for the first time is the cast of Port Huron Civic Theatre’s 2019 production of Disney’s Lion King Jr. Rafiki- Sami Ressler Mufasa- Gabe Stephens Sarafina- Kathryn Pittman Sarabi- Gracelynn Barrett Young Nala- Emily Belfinger Nala- Lucy Fabick Young Simba- Micheal Decker Simba- Kaleb Hodgins Zazu- Beth Stromberg Scar- Adam Stromberg Shenzi- Siri Caldwell Banzai- Logan Wilcox Ed- Everett Dunn Timon- Jordon Rowse Pumba- Avery Davis Hyenas (Be Prepared) Kailey Bul, Lily Tyrell, Noah Phelan, Phoenix Costello, Andrew Cottone, Callie Creech, Rhys Kovatch, Emma Johnston, Tessa Beauvais, Vince Oldford, Jason Dey, Nolan Sheldon, Riley Ganger, Tela Winn, Paige Voss, Olivia Bishop Lionesses(Lioness Hunt) Gwen Hosterman, Iris Padilla, Kendall Stager, Julia Clark, Elian’s Partipilo, Lana Berger, Harlow Henderson, Claire Voss, Molly Beaker, Addison Berg, Kearsley Caldwell, Haylee Mills, Ella Webb, Laney Roberts, Lexi Stevens, Keana Goodall, Camryn Sparschu Just can’t wait to be King- Quinn Wickman, Mason Long, Taylor Brady, Alivia Rogers, Dawson Baryiski, Claire Taylor, Katarina Taylor, Karis Young, Pearl Porrett, Elaine Zimmer, Mason Wilson, Alexandra Bellinger, Ava Piascik, Lauryn Warner Hakuna Matata- Kennedy Quain, Vanessa Nguyen, Riley Quinn, Story Lloyd, Olivia Strobbe, Jacob Furtah, Finley Badley, Abby Burg, Samantha Gaytan, Alyssa Reid, Layla Webb, Keegan Quain, Bella Daniels, Amelia Tyrell He lives in you- Maddie Jones,Sienna Dennis, Lillian Nguyen, Kaylianna Patterson, Isabella Granillo, Lillian Rutallie, Hannah Stromberg, Aleigha Schemansky, Brooke Wolschlager, Isabelle Driscoll, Abagail Thorp, Jayda Cendejas, Grace Marrs They live in you- Molly Vaughn, Lily Martin, Kayla Herber, Alana Burke, Jessie Becker, McKenna Catanzaro, Brady Haskell, Cullen Haskell, Siara George, Samantha Laritz, Jayden Gatley, Riley Westrick, James Fuhman, Brooke Barcume Can you feel the love tonight- Adam Watson, Kylie Spencer, Giselle Jackson, Helen Warnke, Grace Warnke, Layla Dennis, Brylee Deblopper, Maddie Catanzaro, Elaina Lutchman, Addison Partipilo, Julia Rogers, Maggie Gatley, Julian Zimmer, Chloe Barcume A parent meeting will be held January 3rd, 2019 at McMorran Theatre beginning at 6:00pm. We will briefly show expectations and schedules as to make everything as smooth as possible! Afterwards, we will be having a read through with those whom received specifically named parts. Thank you again for your time and patience, and be prepared for a good time (that’s a pun not a weird command I promise)!!  Jordan Frontiero, Director

Discount vouchers for tickets for family & friends of the actors will be available soon!

Our Community Needs Theatre, & Our Theatre Needs Our Community!



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Rehearsals for  Lion King, Jr. are underway with Director, Jordan Frontiero, Musical Director, Amy Fabick, & Choreographer, Danyel Lloyd.


Discount for The Senior Show

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Discount for The Senior Show

A Senior Show with $3.00 tickets, will be available for Lion King Jr.  on Friday, March 1st.   The 2 pm will be changed to 12:30 for this production only.  

School Matinees

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School Matinees

Show matinees will be available for schools.  The invitations are going out this week.  If you're a teacher, get your reservations soon, as we sell out fast!

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