Our PHCT 2019-2020 Season


Elf, The Musical - Dec. 2019

Willy Wonka - March, 2020

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - May, 2020

Cry Baby - August, 2020

Theatre Intensive Class for High School Students, Grades 9-12

High School Theatre Intensive Class

Location: McMorran Place

Fee: Res $100.00 / Non-Res $150.00

Start - End: 07/15/19 - 07/19/19

Days: Mon 9:00AM, Tue 2:00 PM, Wed 9:00AM, Thu 9:00AM, Fri 9:00AM

Gender: Co-Ed  

Class Costis $100.00. 

Register through Port Huron City Recreation                                       

Taught by Kirk Osgood!

Class will be taught by Kirk Osgood, who grew up acting with Port Huron Civic Theatre.  Kirk is a Union Actor in Chicago,  performing on the Chicago stages for the past 12yrs!  From small store front theatre to the biggest house in the city, 3,500 seats at The Lyric Opera of Chicago! He also had had a co-star appearance on “Chicago Med” and has worked with Tony Award winning directors Bartlett Sheer and Rob Ashford!

August 9-11th


Rehearsals at SC4 Fine Arts Building

Tuesday & Thursday,  6 -9pm.

Legally Blonde Cast

Congratulations, Everyone!

Cheryl McCoy, Director

Erin Moran, Music Director

Vaughn Hanyes, Student Director

This production is made possible by a 

partnership with St. Clair County Community College!  


Elle Woods: Olivia Wafford (13)

Emmett: Justin Russell (24)

Paulette: Amy Fabick (8)

Callahan: Alan Moran (4)

Margot: Hannah Winston (31)

Serena: Mia Frontiero (16)

Pilar: Roni Vanderwill (36)

Warner: Caleb Horner (29)

Vivienne: Sami Jex (1)

Brooke: Kassy Dickinson (5)

Enid: Emma Roggenbuck (42)

Supporting Characters:

(All supporting characters are also in the ensemble)

Gaelen: Lucy Fabick (9)

Kate: Kaitlyn Philp (34)

Leilani: Jenna Steeb (2)

(Delta Nu Solo) Girl: Laney Roberts (35)

Saleswoman: Mackenzie Kruger (19)

Store Manager 12)

Elle’s Dad: Vaughn Xavier Haynes

Elle’s Mom: Cheryl McCoy

Grandmaster Chad: Chase Bowman (10)

Winthrop: John Lusk (46)

Lowell: Kozmik Ray Kuznia (11)

Pforzheimer: Dan Williams (28)

Aaron: Daniel Seguin (51)

Sundeep Padamadan: Kreigh Dimasuey (50)

Jet Blue Pilot: Jerry Sebastian (47)

Whitney: Sirena Bond (45)

Harvard Student: Vincent Oldford (36)

Dana: Brenna Austin (49)

Dewey: Sean Michaels (22)

Guard (Prison Guard): Jerry Sebastian (47)

H&H Sales Girl: Hannah Nichter (12)

Kyle: TBD

Bookish Client: Allie Kujda (20)

Cashier: Lucy Fabick

Kiki the Colorist: Gage Larson (43)

TV Reporter: John Lusk (46)

D.A. Joyce Riley: Emily Nichter (14)

Nikos: Chase Bowman (10)

Carlos: Gage Larson (43)

Chutney: Kaitlyn Philp (34)

Court Stenographer: Brenna Simpson (18)

Judge:  (12)

Small Groups - (also part of ensemble)

Workout video people/ Inmates: Lucy Fabick (9), Hannah Nichter (12), Haley Fortuna (27), Madison Bondarek (21) Micaela Muzzarelli, Shaun Muzzarelli, Chase Bowman (10), Gage Larson (43) Daniel Seguin (51)

Delta Nus:

Jenna Steeb (2) Anna Belle Faure (3), Jayda Cendejas (6), Selah Anandraj (7), Lucy Fabick (9), Emily Nichter (14), Allie Kujda (20), Madison Bondarek (21), Brook Bauman (23), Isabelle Driscoll (25) Haley Fortuna (27), Tabitha Dawson (33)Kaitlyn Philp (34) Laney Roberts (35) Beth Stromberg (38)Kearra Goodell (40) Journey Jackson (44) Brenna Austin (49) Micaela Muzzarelli, Shaun Muzzarelli

Students: Anna Belle Faure (3), Lucy Fabick (9), Chase Bowman(10), Hannah Nichter (12), Brenna Simpson (18), Mackenzie Kruger (19), Allie Kujda (20), Madison Bondarek (21), Brook Bauman (23), Isabelle Driscoll (25)Haley Fortuna (27), Tabitha Dawson (33)Kaitlyn Philp (34) Laney Roberts (35) Vincent Oldford (36) Adam Stromberg (37)Beth Stromberg (38) Journey Jackson (44) Sirena Bond (45) Brenna Austin (49) Kreigh Dimasuay (50)Daniel Seguin (51)Micaela Muzzarelli, Shaun Muzzarelli

Salon Folks: Emily Nichter (14), Chase Bowman (10), Jaret Gil (26), Adam Stromberg (37), Vincent Oldford (36), Daniel Seguin (51), Journey Jackson (44)

Ensemble: Anna Belle Faure (3), Jayda Cendejas (6), Selah Anandraj (7), Chase Bowman (10), Kozmik Ray Kuznia (11), Emily Nichter (14), Peter Frontiero (15), John Lukens (17), Brenna Simpson (18), Mackenzie Kruger (19), Allie Kujda (20) Madison Bondarek (21), Sean Michaels(22), Brook Bauman (23), Isabelle Driscoll (25) Jaret Gil (26) Haley Fortuna (27), Dan Williams (28) Devin Smith (30) Tabitha Dawson (33) Kaitlyn Philp (34) Laney Roberts (35) Vincent Oldford (36) Adam Stromberg (37) Beth Stromberg (38) Shannon Myron (39)Kearra Goodell (40) Camryn Sparschu (41) Journey Jackson (44) Jerry Sabastian (47), Chelsea Gouin (48), Brenna Austin (49) Kreigh Dimasuay (50) Daniel Seguin (51) Micaela Muzzarelli, Shaun Muzzarelle!


PHCT Jr. Summer Theatre with SC4 - Starts June 17th

For Ages 5-13

A Midsummer Nights' Dream

 PHCT will be starting our PHCT Jr. workshop program on Monday June 17th. at Sc4 in the music room. Our scheduled days throughout the summer will be Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6:00pm-8:00pm with a show following after, that date will be posted soon. You must be between the ages of 5yrs old and 13yrs old to participate. 


   This program is made possible with 

   because of a  partnership with St.    

   Clair  County Community College!       


  For the kids workshop it is 30.00 for  

  the first kid. 20.00 additional kids. 

  And a T-shirt is included. That price 

  is for the entire summer.

Mon, & Wed., 6-8 pm


 Not sure you want to act on stage? We have lots of other ways for you to be involved - tech, set design, costumes, makeup for stage, lighting, sound.  

June 17th - Fine Arts Building, SC4.

Jr. Theatre will be held on Mondays & Wednesdays, 6-8 pm.  

A show will be held at the end of summer!


Humpty Dumpty

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web


The Lemonade Kid.

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