Our 2018-2019 Season!

Disney's The Lion King, Jr


Directed by Jordan Frontiero

Feb 28th, March 1-3, 2019 

School group matinees will be available.


Mama Mia


 May 10-12, 2019 

Legally Blonde, The Musical


August 9-11, 2019 

Disney's Lion King, Jr., March 1st-3rd


School Matinees are Filled

We are looking forward to entertaining local students!


Available at the McMorran Box Office from 9-5.  Also, available on Ticketmaster.com 


Vouchers for $10 are currently available from  actors in the show.  The vouchers must be traded in at the Box Office for an actual ticket with an  assigned seat.  

Auditions for Mama Mia


March 5th & 6th, 2019 , 6-9 pm at McMorran Theater

Director:  Erin Moran

Co-Director:  Alan Moran

High School age and up are welcome to audition. All auditions for leads will be expected to prepare a 30 sec. to 1 min. monologue, the song excerpt chosen ( posted at a later date) as well as learn a short dance combination.

Those auditioning for chorus only, will prepare the song excerpt chosen ( posted at a later date) as well as learn a short dance combination.

Most adult roles will be cast at adult age, however, people are welcome to audition for any age they think they can portray well.

Mamma Mia Character List:

DONNA SHERIDAN - Sophie’s mother, owner of the hotel Villa Donna. Former lead singer of Donna and the Dynamos. Honest, hard-working, vulnerable. MUST be a strong singer, sings many songs solo as well as in small groups. Voice must be versatile and have good stamina. Mezzo soprano, alto

SOPHIE SHERIDAN - Donna’s headstrong 20 year old daughter and Sky’s fiancé. Wants a traditional family and a father to walk her down the aisle. Young, bright, energetic, has lived all her life on the island and is ready for adventure. Needs to be a strong singer with a versatile voice, many songs so needs stamina. Mezzo Soprano, Soprano

SAM CARMICHAEL - a New York architect who regrets leaving Donna, and is now divorced and around Donna again. Straight-laced, confident, composed. Sometimes overbearing, but wants this second chance with Donna. True and honest character. Needs to be a strong singer. Baritone.

HARRY BRIGHT - Today, a respected banker. Back in the day, known to Donna as “Head Banger.” Quirky, in the closet, a romantic who is nostalgic. Nice guy. Needs to be a strong singer. Tenor, baritone.

BILL AUSTIN - A well known travel writer and adventurer, but is afraid of making a commitment. Comedic, full hearted. Needs to be a strong singer. Baritone.

SKY - Sophie’s fiance. A former stockbroker who later moved to the island. Eager to please, smitten with Sophie. Needs to be a strong singer, one solo song. Tenor, baritone.

ROSIE MULLIGAN - One of Donna’s friends who was part of her band. She is an author of cookbooks. Funny, self-deprecating, masks her insecurity. Needs to be a strong singer. Mezzo Soprano, Alto.

TANYA CHESHAM-LEIGH - Another of Donna’s friends, she has married three times, but has never quite found the right man. Very into her looks, implied that she has had a lot of work done. Wild, fun-loving, a flirt. Needs to be a strong singer. Mezzo Soprano, Alto. Strong belt.

PEPPER - Male. One of Donna’s employees who catches the eye of Tanya. Flirtatious, hot, energetic, fun-loving. Some solo singing in one song.  

EDDIE - With Pepper is the bar-staff, waiter, boatman, and general help around the island. Plays off of Pepper.

ALI - One of Sophie’s oldest friends that was invited to the wedding. Bubbly, bridesmaid, excited. Needs to be a strong singer. Mezzo Soprano.

LISA - Another of Sophie’s friends coming for the wedding, bubbly, bridesmaid, excited. Needs to be a strong singer. Mezzo Soprano.

FATHER ALEXANDRIOS - The minister of the island who almost marries Sophie & Sky, and ends up marrying Donna & Sam.

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